Your mortgage is probably the largest financial transaction and commitment that you are likely to undertake. Surely then you should seek mortgage advice which is individually tailored to your needs and requirements.We are not tied to any particular lenders, which mean that we have the ability to act on your behalf in order to establish the most appropriate mortgage advise for you. There are a significant number of lenders to choose from and we can search from a comprehensive range of mortgages across the market to help you find an appropriate mortgage for your needs.


Types of Finance & Mortgages


1) Residential

We can assist you in purchasing your main residency. The majority of lenders will need to consider your affordability and creditworthiness before providing you with the funding. Given our expertise and experience in the field, LFP can direct you in the right direction.


2) Remortgaging

This is where you replace your existing mortgage with another lender. It could be that you replace the mortgage “like for like” or you may want to borrow additional funding for other reasons such as home improvements, the purchase of a vehic le, debt consolidation or to release equity to assist you in purchasing another property


3) Second Charge /Secured Loan

It may be that your current lender does not lend you any further funding/bor rowing. There are specialised lenders that will provide you with additional finding by way of a second charge on your property. Here at LFP we can assist in placing the secured loan.


4) Buy to Let properties

Over the years many individuals/companies have purchased a second property as a way of providing an additional income and in the some cases assisting with their retirement planning goals.Many individuals have been handsomely rewarded in terms of capital growth and income.Here at LFP we have a wea lth of knowledge in helping to arrange buy to let mortgages. We have assisted investors in purchasing a sole property and other investors have purchased investment portfolios. It is a complicated area with many options. We are in a position to assist you in arranging the most suitable finance and advising you on the tax implications of the purchase or remortgage.


5) Commercial Mortgages

Where a company or individual is looking at purchasing business premises to let to another business (going concern) or is looking at purchasing business premises to run their own business from, here us at LFP can assist with the finance .


6) Bridging/Developing Finance

When an individual or company is looking at purchasing a property that needs work carried out and needs the finance to complete the works we can assist in the development finance.In addition, where an individual wants to purchase a property prior to selling their own property we can assist in recommending bridging finance.


7) Equity Release

There may be an occasion where you are living in a property that has a lot of equity but you are not able to release the funds due to possibly your age or affordability. There are lenders that will provide you the funding and will only request the rolled-up interest or a percentage of the va lue of the property, to be paid on death. You may wa nt to release equity to help provide an income, buy an additiona l property, allow you to go on that one in a lifetime cruise or provide funding for a good standard of living . At Libra Financial Planning Ltd we can advise you with your options and explain the potential merits of equity release.